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About Me

I’m Carla, passionate about the miracles and mysteries in nature. How we can create life, a family, it really inspires me. I embraced the mission of giving support to new families, regardless of being the 1st or 5td child to be born.

Before being a doula I was an instructor of water aerobics and baby swimming classes. I also worked as a babysitter at the health club I was working at, but I decided to quit when the idea of being a mom gained form.

I started to support families in an informal way, also facilitating some workshops about babywearing, vegetarian meals to kids and families, zero waste ways of being a parent, cloth diapers and so. I also started some women circles along the way, and finally got to have my formal instruction as a doula with Nurturing Birth (UK) in the year of 2017.

I’m also collaborating with a non-profit association, that is fighting for women s rights at pregnancy and birth. It’s called Associação Portuguesa pelos Direitos da Mulher na Gravidez e Parto (APDMGP), which means Portuguese Association for Women Rights at Pregnancy and Birth.

At 2019 co founded Flor de Artemísia, which is a group of working moms who gather to provide services to moms and moms to be.


Besides my doula training with Nurturing Birth (UK), i also attended to other courses, like:


DOULA — Pre conception | Pregnancy | Birth | Post-Partum. Packs are available

YOGA — Group or private classes

MASSAGE — Ayurvedica inspired sessions

WATER SESSIONS — Water aerobics | Relaxation & Meditation

BABYWEARING — Private sessions | Workshops

WORKSHOPS — Babywearing | Cloth Diapers | Zero Waste Parenthood | Breastfeeding

WOMEN CIRCLES in English — Dates will be announced | Create a group and get in touch

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Carla Santos – Doula Services | Yoga | Therapist

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